NexPlasmaGen is striving to converge the emerging field of cold plasma biotechnology and radio-oncology for personalized cancer care. We are researching high precision cold plasma delivery systems with the potential to selectively kill cancer cells while sparing surrounding healthy tissue.

NexPlasmaGen first application is in breast cancer care, applying its patented cold plasma device to improve patient outcomes in breast conserving therapy.

Breast Cancer Recurrence & Reoperation

Worldwide over 1 million women annually undergo breast conserving surgeries as a breast cancer therapy, whereby the benefits of combining radiotherapy following a local surgical lumpectomy procedure has demonstrated improved outcomes with reduced local recurrence rate.

Nevertheless, a 15% locoregional recurrence rate of breast cancer is reported within 10 years , in addition to the concerns frequently arising about the pathologic margin status post lumpectomy, resulting in an average reoperation rate of 20% after 90 days. In both cases, mastectomy is the recommended procedure, preventing women from preserving their breast while adding to the morbidity and cost of patient care.

Surgery Augmented by Cold Plasma

Most mainline anti-cancer therapies, including radio/chemo therapies operate primarily via cellular oxidative stress, to induce cancer cells death without affecting healthy tissue. Similarly, Cold Plasma is an ionized non-thermal gas that generates various reactive species inducing similar cellular oxidative stress.

Yet, Cold Plasma has the unique ability to deliver these reactive species directly at the surgical margin in the tumor bed, during surgery, addressing the concerns arising from traditional therapies that damage surrounding organs and generate side effects.

NexPlasmaGen is designing a device that would enable a surgeon to kill the remaining cancer cells responsible for high rates of reoperations and locoregional recurrence.

Patented Cold Plasma Device

NexPlasmaGen has designed and patented a cold plasma device (US 7,608,839) that can selectively produce and deliver the most relevant plasma species for a given type of cancer, to produce the optimal cellular oxidative stress inducing cancer cell death.

NexPlasmaGen design is uniquely positioned to enable the reproducible “therapeutic” effect desired in the treatment of cancers, since it creates a controlled plasma environment that does not alter plasma properties at the treatment site.



Worldwide over 1 million women diagnosed with breast cancer undergo BCT (surgery with follow-up radiotherapy) annually as an alternative to mastectomy, whereby both procedures result in comparable survival rate for early breast cancer.


The current standard of care recommending BCT (surgery with follow-up radiotherapy) suffers up to 15% recurrence rate within 10 years, and a 20% reoperation rate within 90 days due to positive margin (residual cancer cells).


5-years residual risks of recurrence for patients with stage I, II, III and IV cancers are about 7%, 11%, 13% and >20% respectively, relating to 5-years survival rate of 100%, 93%, 72% and 22% respectively.


NexPlasmaGen Inc. is a Canadian company applying cold plasma biotechnologies to the treatment of cancer, striving to reduce radiation-related side-effects, while improving patient outcomes.