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The Convertible Plasma Jet (CPJ)

The CPJ technology produces an extremely reactive ionized gas, called plasma, which is used to kill cancer cells in the tumor bed after the tumor is removed. The technology is compact, portable with a handheld applicator.

For Cancer Treatment

The CPJ has been developed for the treatment of cancer. More specifically the killing of cancer cells in the tumor bed after the tumor is removed to reduce cancer recurrences.


The CPJ is first used for the treatment of breast cancer. Once this application is clinically proven, the CPJ will be tested for other cancers. Successful tests have already been done in vitro on sarcoma cells with the CPJ.


Our Progress


Prototypes & Cell lines

Commercial unit ready and 12 breast cancer cells treated.


Tumor model & small animals

Our technology treated breast cancer cells in 3D tumor model and in vivo in mice.



Clinical trials in Canada and USA to treat breast cancer using our technology.

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