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Best MedTech Oncology Business 2024 – Canada

Best MedTech Oncology Business 2024 – Canada

Montreal / April 19, 2024 – NexPlasmaGen is honored to announce that it has won GHP magazine’s Best MedTech Oncology Business – Canada 2024 award.

“GHP Magazine’s Biotechnology Awards 2024” are designed to recognize and honor the most valuable contributors to the biotechnology industry, as well as those in all respective related industries. They are merit-based. The GHP research and judging team does not decide winners based on company size, sales or number of votes received.

NexPlasmaGen’s perseverance paid off in winning this award, but it didn’t do it alone, and would like to highlight the importance of its ecosystem.

Several of NexPlasmaGen’s collaborators deserve to be highlighted here: McGill University, the CHUM, and the Université de Montréal. It’s a great collaboration between a Quebec company and Quebec’s public research institutions! The collaboration with the CHUM, among others, has been crucial and has led to human clinical trials in the coming months.

The official GHP press release is here: GHP Unveils the Winners of the 2024 Biotechnology Awards – GHP News (

The GHP nomination process can be found here: Biotechnology Awards – GHP News (

NexPlasmaGen’s full article in HGP magazine can be found here: Biotechnology Awards 2024 (


NexPlasmaGen is converging the emerging field of cold plasma biotechnology into personalized cancer treatment. We are developing high-precision cold plasma delivery systems with the capability to kill cancer cells while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. NexPlasmaGen’s first application is in the treatment of breast cancer. Its patented cold plasma medical device is used to improve patient outcomes in breast conserving therapy.


Valérie Léveillé, CEO/Founder


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