NEXPLASMAGEN is finalist for an ADRIQ innovation award | NexPlasmaGen
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NEXPLASMAGEN is finalist for an ADRIQ innovation award

NEXPLASMAGEN is finalist for an ADRIQ innovation award

Montreal / July 4, 2022

NexPlasmaGen is a finalist for the ADRIQ Innovation Award 2022 in the category Innovation from Public Research. The Innovation Awards Gala has become a must-attend event in the Quebec ecosystem.

The 32nd ADRIQ Innovation Awards Gala will take place on Thursday, November 17, 2022, at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. At the 2021 Innovation Awards Gala, more than 1,600 decision-makers from the ecosystem were able to witness the ingenuity of the finalist companies.

“It’s really gratifying to be a finalist at the ADRIQ Innovation Awards. This shows that the innovation we bring to treat cancer is starting to get attention in Quebec,” said Dr. Valérie Léveillé, CEO of NexPlasmaGen.


ADRIQ stands for the Association for the Development of Research and Innovation in Quebec. In October 2011, ADRIQ and the Réseau Conseil en Technologie et en Innovation (RCTi) merged. For more information, please refer to the brief history of ADRIQ-RCTi at the link below.

Bref historique de l’ADRIQ-RCTi – ADRIQ : ADRIQ



NexPlasmaGen strives to converge the emerging field of cold plasma biotechnology into personalized cancer care. We are developing high-precision cold plasma delivery systems with the potential to selectively kill cancer cells while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. NexPlasmaGen’s first application is in the treatment of breast cancer, applying its patented cold plasma device to improve patient outcomes in breast conservation therapy.

For more information about NexPlasmaGen, contact: Valerie Léveillé, CEO/Founder, 1-514-229-9458, and visit our website at NexPlasmaGen.


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